Crossroads Recording - The Brand

Brand Identity  |  Logo Design  |  Website Design

Branding, logo and website design work created for Crossroads Recording Studio.

I wanted to create a logo that was directly inspired by Shane Tobbler’s motto “All roads lead to Crossroads”. Shane’s passion for music recording is contagious and timeless. The brand ranges across the studio and into merchandise.

The Story

“All Roads Meet At Crossroads”

The Crossroads team is passionate about music and recording, no project too big, small or crazy. They offer the best kind of recording experience to anyone who comes through our doors. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a constant creative flow to capture the best performance and recordings.

Brand Assets

The visual identity was created with a minimal theme in mind. Retro in design with a modern twist, a logo to withstand time.

A flexible logo with minimal subtle colours of black, white, silver and purple. The entire logo is used where space allows or otherwise as an icon.