Wired Irish Crafts - The Brand

Brand Identity  |  Logo Design  |  Packaging Design

Wired Irish Crafts specialises in Hand Poured 100% Soy Wax Candles, all handmade in the Kilkenny Design Centre Castle Yard Studio.

I wanted to create a sustainable logo that connected and amplified the essence of the brand. The logo design is based around the letter ‘W’ with an abstract hexagon wire mesh shape. An elegant logo mark that contrasts with the serif typography of ‘Irish Crafts’.

The Story

Each candle tells a story and translates into a unique signature scent using funky fragrance oils and natural wooden crackling wicks. The brand is tailored to the client’s needs and ensures exclusivity, quality and brand recognition. These custom-made candles include a selection of waxes, glassware, recyclable and reusable container.

Brand Assets

The visual identity was created to assist with brand assets such as packaging. A black and amber colour palette was used to emphasise the luxury feel while representing its local origins. The overall brand identity has a premium handcrafted feel.

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